We have the capacity to have 4 residents a year, which we will provide access to the space and eqipment for free. You will have access to the space every day of the resicency. We will also curate artists and writers to visit during your stay if that is something you are interested in. If you have questions about what you’d be expected to do, or what expences you’d need to cover, feel free to reach out. 

We ask potential residents to send us a proposal that is 400-600 words in length, with no images. This proposal should be a short writing about the project you are working on, and what you would like to do with your time in the space. Click here for a digital template and sample for the residency.

We have 4 spaces for residency availalable in 2023:

March 12th–19th
May 14th–28th
June 4th–June 11th
August 6th–20th

If you ask for part of the project to be subsidized by Small Works, or if funds need to be raised, let us know. We also have the ability to house or find inexpensive housing for people from out of town on a limited basis. All inquiries can be sent to:

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