Small Works is free?

Yes. Small Works is free. If you want to come use the machines, it’s free. If you’d like a demonstration, it’s free. Sign up through our calendly to schedule a meeting and let us know what you’d like to work on. 

You’ll print for free also?  

Yes. We have a sliding scale for printing, that goes something like this: If you’re in need of employment materials, sending flyers for events, demonstrations, or actions, a student in need, or just in need, printing is free. We’ll use what we have on hand to get you going. If you’re running a fundraiser, we ask that you cover the cost of paper and ink. We will also talk you through the logistics of fundraising, and how to get the most return for your efforts (an make everyone happy). Everything else, show us what you’re working on, and we’ll give you a quote. If we can’t do it, we’ll send you to someone who can.

Will print my wedding invitations for free? 

No. But you can come print your own invitations for free. If you want to pay us (or any of the other printers) to print your invitations that is fine. But if you want to do a project for free, you’re limited by your own willpower, what is in the shop, and what materials are on hand. If you need fancy materials, and they’re not in the community paper rack (they’re not), then you’ll have to source them. 

You also do jobs? 

Yes. We act as a jobbing shop as well. All proceeds go towards the shop, community, and help with other projects that need finacial support. People using Small Works can also print their own jobs here, but are expeted to use their own supplies or replenish the supplies at the shop. 

Do you give workshops? 

Yes. If you would like a specific guided workshop, reach out, and we’d be glad to accomidate you. We also teach at Signal Return, and you can find more workshops there, or at Post.

You all are kinda busy. Are there other places that have letterpress classes?

Yes! Signal Return is a few miles away from us, and provides classes on Vandercooks and tabletop platens. We highly reccomend them, especially if you want to make larger prints.

There are also many private printers in the area who will give classes, and you can request a private class at Small Works as well. Just reach out and and tell us what you’re looking to do with letterpress, and we’ll find you a good fit.

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