Below is our general pricing for jobs, done on our house stocks.  If you have a specific project in mind, reach out, or catch us for coffee at Milwaukee Caffe.

You can order Business Cards hand set or made from a vector image into a plate. When ordering for a plate, make sure to have the image and text outlined and expanded. Subsequent runs of cards are cheaper, as long as we still have the plate or form on hand. Larger runs are cheaper by unit, so ask if you have the need for more. Our house stocks for Business Cards are Gmund Matt 111C Wedding Cream & Wedding White.

Business Cards
250 single sided, single color, hand set
500 single sided, single color, hand set
1000 single sided, single color, hand set
250 single sided, single color, from plate
500 single sided, single color, from plate
1000 single sided, single color, from plate
*When printing with plates, each plate costs $40 up front. However, on subsequent print orders, this charge will not be present. For example, the first run of 250 single sided, single color card will cost $100, but the second run will cost just $60. We keep plates on file up to two years. Double sided cards available on request.

If it’s you’re first time ordering prints, it’s always good to reach out and share what you’re looking to print. Templates for each print, as a Photoshop file or Illustrator file, are available for download by clicking each option. For house paper we use French Paper Construction Pure White, Whitewash, and Insulation Pink in 70T
Multiple color prints will always have some level of markings from the printing process. It’s best to design your files to avoid this as much as possible. The 5”x7” and 5.5”x17” prints, however, avoid this and don’t have this problem. 

We want everyone to get flyers and posters for their shows, and we also want to encourage bands to work with local designers and illustrators. Below is a scale for what we offer for showprints, including the “Grab Bag” where you pay someone in the shop to make you something with what we have laying around, from whomever is in the shop that day if we have time. Usually done within 3 days. Printed on scrap paper in the shop, or Blick Sulphite drawing paper, 80T
Grab Bag* (you get whatever we got)
200 of ???????
Illustrator’s Choice*
80 11”x17” Posters
320 5.5”x8.5” Flyers
We can always print more, and prices go down as the quantitiy goes up. Just be sure to check in with us if you have larger orders, so we have time to order paper if needed. 

*Both of these options are traditional jobbing showprints. You send us the wording you want on the poster/flyer, we send you finished prints. No revisions, no proofs. For printing your own files, see the above riso print options. 

Fine traditional writing stationery printed with hand set type or with a plate. We use text weight papers for all of our writing stationery, and envelopes are available to fit. Traditional stationery is either monogramned, or with name and address. For house stationery, the same pricing applies. We do not gender our stationery—all sheets and cards are the same size regardless of gender. 
250 traditional, letter sheet
250 custom or plate, letter sheet
250 traditional, half sheet
250 custom or plate, half sheet
250 traditional, corespondence cards
250 custom or plate, corespondence cards
If you’re really into stationery, and are looking for something else, let us know, and we’ll see what we can make together. We also can have part of the project sent out to be hand lettered. 

All files for zines should be sent over greyscale, one file for each color, with the correct imposition. If you need help with imposition or color seperation, reach out or come in for guided studio time. We use Blick 50T sulphite drawing paper as the house stock for zines. 
Half-Letter Zines
100 single color, 16 pages
100 single color, 24 pages
100 single color, 32 pages
100 two color, 16 pages
100 two color, 24 pages
100 two color, 32 pages
Zines are meant to be cheap, and ephemerial. We encourage everyone to ask questions and find the most economic ways to make their printed works happen. 
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