Small Works is a community more than a print shop. The space is entirely volunteer run, and does not operate off any grants, stipends, or endowments. The space is free for anyone to use regardless if someone does not know how to print, or already has that knowledge. We ocassionally give workshops, but it’s always best to schedule a meeting with us to talk about your printing ideas or projects. 

We encourage you to use the space as an active exploration of design and design methodologies, to understand how technologies can be subverted and used economically, and to create endless, boundless, joy. 

Small Works actively has the following presses: A Risograph SF 9450 EIIU, a Risograph GR1700, a Chandler & Price New Series 8x12, a Hohner ALFA II (9x12 platen), a Craftsmen Superior, and a Chandler & Price Original Series Pilot. We also have a small Showcard press for proofs. We also, frequently, save presses from being scrapped. If you are looking for a press, or looking to get rid of one, we’d be glad to talk. 

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